10 Of The Coolest Campaigns Out Of Africa

10 Of The Coolest Campaigns Out Of Africa

It’s important to learn things from one another. 


Whether it’s how to create engaging marketing campaigns or economic measures to keep countries afloat during pandemic crises, our digital marketing agency has realised that appreciation and giving people a sense of togetherness or community goes a long way. 


This applies to digital marketing too. Making customers feel like they’re part of a family and not just a sale inspires not just success, but also a sense of fulfillment. For any campaign to succeed, it requires good preparation, consistency, and knowledge of your target audience. This post recalls some of Africa’s coolest campaigns that resonated and left lasting impressions on their audiences.  


  • APA Insurance: ‘Thank You’ Campaign


APA Insurance Kenya creates incredible marketing campaigns by drawing on human emotions such as gratitude and familial solidarity to encourage people to take up their services. Their Thank You campaign highlights that “not all superheroes wear capes”, and was widely shared because people love brands that care about the people overselling the product. 


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By sparking emotion, APA insurance does storytelling right and finds ways to really connect with their audience by reminding them that we’re all human. 


  • Nandos: Afro-tising Campaign


A change from its usual political satire, Nandos’ ad starts with the stylised stereotypes that came to be associated with the African youth and used when advertisements tried to be “trendy”: sepia images of street fashion, smoke bombs, oiled-up models – called “afro-tising”. It shifts to an average, middle-aged man walking into a Nandos to order because it’s what he trusts and knows. The ad points out that this aesthetic is overused and doesn’t portray everything (in this case) South Africa has to offer. 


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  • Safaricom Kenya: #Nevermissamoment Campaign


A Kenya-based telecommunications company, Safaricom’s #Nevermissamoment campaign created impressive graphics by incorporating clever and humorous call-to-actions (CTAs) with personalised messages for different audiences that they could relate to.


Image Source: Safaricom Kenya


  • Castle Lite: #HoldMyBeer Campaign


This campaign touched on very relevant issues in the #MeToo era. The backstory: radio presenter Dineo Ranaka tweeted about enjoying a Castle Lite, and some people took offense to a woman drinking a beer, sparking a discussion on misogynistic and sexist advertising practices. 

Image Source: Media Update


Using Ranaka’s original #HoldMyBeer hashtag, they started a campaign to stop advertising practices that objectified or degraded women – showing that companies can acknowledge mistakes without ruining their reputations and successfully engaging new demographics. 


  • Maybelline Kenya: ‘Face of Maybelline’ Campaign


Young Kenyan women could register onto Maybelline’s website and share the information on their social media pages for other people to visit and like – whoever had the highest number of likes would become the face of Maybelline, Kenya. This introduced Maybelline to Kenya, grew their audience base, and drove high amounts of traffic to their website. 


  • Consol: #BringBackPure Campaign


One of the leading glass packaging manufacturers in Africa, Consol launched a #BringBackPure campaign that looked at how much better milk tastes in glass bottles rather than plastic ones. The campaign drew out childhood nostalgia of excitedly waiting for morning milk deliveries to emphasise that “the best things come in glass”. They drew on people’s emotions with interviews about childhood memories, and if you had milk delivered to your house by Consol you could nominate a friend to receive it too. 


  • Omo: ‘Father’s Day’ Campaign


Omo’s sensitive Father’s Day campaign sent out a message of thanks to everyone who wasn’t a biological father, but filled the role of a father in a child’s life, highlighting that father figures don’t have to be actual fathers to matter. 


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Image Source: OMO South Africa 


Omo didn’t just point out absent fathers, but also unconventional family dynamics that were becoming more common and accepted in society – thus including an entire demographic typical nuclear-family advertisements didn’t appeal to. By focusing on unsung heroes, Omo looked at social issues that generated online conversations without being exploitative. 


  • Airtel Kenya: ‘Switch to Airtel’ Campaign


Airtel’s #SwitchToAirtel aggressive switching campaign claims that you can “browse at the best data rate in Kenya”. Regardless of whether you have a bundle or not, all Airtel users will have a default browsing rate of 1 bob/5 MBs, without any off-peak hours, no expiry, and no subscription charges. 


Image Source: Twitter


  • SANBS: #NewBlood Campaign


Launched right before Human Rights Day and Easter, the successful #NewBlood campaign’s aim was to collect 4500 units of blood on the public holiday to ensure sufficient stocks. Using the holiday as its CTA, SANBS gave donors the opportunity to take time to step out and donate blood by instilling the notion of “new blood, new life” to emphasise everyone’s right to life. 


  • City Lodge Hotel: ‘The Real Cost of Being Zulu’ Campaign


A Venac radio campaign, City Lodge Hotel’s well-written campaign is in Zulu, relating the word “mahala” (anything acquired without payment) to stresses that might come with living at home/going home, and instead choosing to stay in a City Lodge Hotel with its purported amazing amenities. 


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