10 Tips To Keep Your Productivity High While working From Home. Blog post by Digital Odyssey.

10 Tips To Keep Your Productivity High While Working From Home


“International solidarity is not an act of charity … (it is) allies fighting on different terrains towards the same objective.”

Samora Machel 


These are trying times. 


With the spread of COVID-19 affecting everything from international/domestic travel to the availability of essential goods, the spread of the pandemic is a growing concern for many of us. It might also be why businesses are now recommending or mandating employees to work from home i.e. remotely sine die. 


But this doesn’t mean we need to panic. 

10 Tips To Keep Your Productivity High While working From Home. Blog post by Digital Odyssey.

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As a digital marketing agency that works out of Kenya, Mauritius and London, our team knows how to work remotely, and shared some of their experiences in-between today’s post about how to remain productive amid these circumstances. 


While the work-from-home lifestyle is a fantasy for a lot of people (waking up late and foregoing your commute for more sleep, anyone?), we all face different challenges doing it, because of our personalities, type of work, or lifestyles. 


Working remotely can be a double-edged sword, because it might be fun, but make it harder for you to focus on actually working. That pile of laundry can look more appealing than attending a meeting at 3 P.M. However, you should probably sit up, eat your breakfast and put on some pants, because we have 10 tips for you on staying efficient while working from home. 



  • Zero In On A Location 


It’s hard to work when you’re sitting on your bed. Try to find a comfortable spot in your house that you can associate with work and not get distracted by family members, pets or chores you just remembered. You can also create a separate account on your laptop/desktop for work.  



  • Set Up A Structure 


Work compels you to have some kind of routine, and you can keep that up at home too. Routine might get a bad rap as a creativity-killer, but Digital Odyssey’s team members have morning/evening routines for themselves and their family that help kick them out of relaxation mode. 


This can include dressing up like you’re going to the office, eating breakfast and doing yoga with family, or scheduling learning hours for your children too. You’ll be amazed by how seemingly mundane tasks in solitude can give you time to mentally prepare for your work day ahead. 



  • Ease Into Some Exercise 


Don’t let the excuse of a closed gym (or starting to go “tomorrow”) stop you from taking a break and getting some exercise in. It doesn’t have to be intense, either. Our team swears by some physical exercise almost everyday, be it yoga, healthy meals, exercising for 20 minutes each twice a day, or high-impact training. 



  • Time Out 


Give yourself time away from screens and work calls. This can be for lunch, to exercise, or just listen to background music or podcasts. This can help clear your mind and stay more focused when you get back to work. 


“During breaks of prepping meals I listen to podcasts by Sam Harris, John Vervaeke, Dr Jordan (B.) Peterson”. – Grace M. Mogaka, Digital Odyssey Head of Human Resources and Administration



  • Get Some Family Feels In 


Working remotely can cause feelings of loneliness, disconnect or isolation, especially if you’re fond of frequently socialising. You can use this time to catch up with family and friends through social media and messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts, and even organise daily/weekly social gatherings on these platforms. If you’re living together, designate hours in the day for everyone to sit together and do activities to keep yourself occupied. 



  • The Right Software Can Help, Not Hinder 


Even though you might not be able to communicate face-to-face, there are many apps that can help you stay productive, communicate, and share information. Go beyond email to replicate the in-office experience. Our team suggests using apps like Google Hangouts and Zoom for texting and videoconferencing. Screen-sharing is another great way for everyone to get on the same page and give feedback. 



  • Get Some Fresh Air 


We know you might not be able to step out. However, try and keep your surrounding atmosphere clean and soothing by letting some sunlight in, watering your houseplants, or lighting a scented candle. If you have access to a personal or gated-community garden or park, all the better. 



  • Meditate


These are stressful times. Between concerns for daily-wage workers, people working on commission, and the limited availability of necessary resources, we know it can get too much, too soon. Which is why Digital Odyssey encourages you to take a step back and breathe. Remember what you’re grateful for, and how having a plan can make you feel more in control. 



  • Hydrate


You don’t need to work from home to forget this. Staying hydrated is important with the upcoming summer, and to keep your body in proper functioning condition. Drinking fluids can keep your brain more alert and fight off fatigue. 


“Always have plenty of coffee, tea and water around.” – Anna Ferenczy, Digital Odyssey Chief Digital Officer 



  • Learn Something New 


This is a great time to learn and do things you couldn’t because of office hours. Take this time to pick up an online skill development or training course to stay up-to-date in your industry. It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to be “productive”. You can spend your time reading that book you’ve been meaning to, picking up a DIY project, discovering new music, or relearning an instrument or traditional recipe. 


Above all, know that this time is a constant work-in-progress to figuring out what works best for you, and staying calm amid rumors. Don’t be afraid to ask for support or inspiration. Digital Odyssey can help you stay on top of trends to effectively navigate the complex waters of the internet. Our marketing agency can help you with further ideas of how to design world-class websites, seamless user journeys and digital marketing campaigns.




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