A Quick Guide to Podcast Advertising


If you’re one of the many Africans who listen to music and host shows online, you might have heard of podcasts. 


Maybe even listened to a few. 


Podcasts have steamrolled into the market in recent years. In 2006, only 22 percent of consumers knew what a podcast was, but by 2019 over 64 percent of them knew what it was, and had heard one at some point. 


Lofty projections show podcasting revenue approaching the $1 billion mark, and podcast advertising will outpace radio advertising, which will show a continuous decline starting from 2020. 


That’s why it’s important to consider podcast advertising in your brand. 


With a rapid influx of investments and revenue, it’s a good idea to start looking at podcast advertising as a viable method of getting your message out, and our digital marketing agency can help you with that.


Podcast ads have produced brilliant results, with Midroll claiming that 61 percent of podcast listeners saying they bought something after listening to an ad, and podcast ads generating twice (or thrice) as much engagement as radio ads. Lucky for us, 78 percent of podcast listeners say they don’t mind ads because they know it supports the content they’re listening to. 


Ads are either at the beginning (pre-roll), middle (mid-roll), or end (post-roll) of a podcast. Their time slots vary, with mid-roll ads running for as long as a minute. Furthermore, ads can be host-read, which can  – with good planning and coordination – potentially tap into audience’s trust in the host. This makes your ad sound more like a testimonial than for marketing, 

Or, they can be dynamically-inserted, which has greater targeting capabilities if you’re time-sensitive. 


Before getting started, here’s some advice. 



Podcasts for brand awareness, but not lead generation.



Rather than seeing it as a tool for lead generation, look at podcasts as a way for you to gain exposure. Organic mentions over measurable ROI, any day. 

Most ads have a call-to-action (CTA) prompt that tells listeners to go to a particular URL, tap on the banner, or use a discount code. 



Audiences have wide-ranging interests.



It might be wise not to strictly stick to one category. After all, romance or sports audiences can be entrepreneurs too. 



You don’t need to sponsor the biggest podcasts, you can reach the same people on smaller ones as well.



People listen to all sorts of things. If host-read, trust the host to read your ad in their own voice. Pre- and post-roll ads are usually cheaper than mid-roll and take less time. You can look at 2019’s podcast ad rates here to get a general idea. 


So how do you put your ad out there? 


Either you can DIY, or partner with an ad network. 


DIY (do-it-yourself) ads save costs, allow you to negotiate terms, communicate with hosts directly, and give you the freedom to choose which podcast you want to partner with. However, in-house ad campaigns can leave you short-staffed, and inexperience can lead to mistakes, which reflect in your results. 


Ad networks are more expensive, but do all the legwork for you. This includes budget allocation, ad schedule management, and narrowing down on shows. Networks limit your advertising to shows on the network itself, but if you prioritise data and targeting, networks’ resources, expertise and technology might be enough to convince you. 


As with every advertising medium, there are some important things to keep in mind if you’re looking at podcast ads. 


You’ll want to make sure you keep timeframes in mind when planning host-read ads, so that listeners don’t find out about your (now expired) offer when they go back to older episodes. In addition, audience and demographic information isn’t readily available (though Neilsen is working on that), which limits your targeting capabilities – Spotify is helping fix that by introducing targeting by genre. 


To end, make sure your listeners and host are from your target demographic, create a clear message, ask about listener data, and – of course – give it time. 


Digital Odyssey is committed to bringing the best of Africa to you. If you’re interested in listening to some awesome Africa-based podcasts, we suggest Not Your African Cliche, AfroQueer, the must-listen podcasts of black women in 2019, and some of Africa’s favorites


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