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Africa’s Most Innovative Social Media Campaigns In 2019

This is a given: a digital presence is necessary in 2020. 


But it was a necessity in 2019 too. 


The rapid integration of social media into our daily lives has not only led to a previously-unprecedented amount of customer-business interaction, but also given people a voice and space for opinions.


As a digital marketing agency based out of Africa, we like challenges, and there is no greater challenge than creating a powerful social media campaign that will resonate with people even years after they’ve run. 


Innovative social media campaigns are a great way to get your message out to people in a short amount of time, using the platform’s in-built interactive elements to reach out to people and ask them what they’re thinking. Overall, it’s a fun, engaging way to get to know your audience, which is why we’ve highlighted some (and in no way exhaustive list) of Africa’s most innovative social media campaigns for the last year.



  • Lays’ “You Gotta Love Cricket” Campaign


With a backing of potato chip varieties, Lay’s is a super popular chips brand that has been around for over 80 years. During the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, Lay’s came out with the “You Gotta Love Cricket” campaign. 

Image Source: The Pundits 


Lay’s came out with TV commercials, competitions for fans to win VIP tickets, and a “Lay’s Cricket in the Nets” activation where in select venues, people played to bowl each other out. It allowed the brand to really engage with their customers, and align themselves with a beloved sport. The use of micro-influencers pushed for the authentic promotion of the campaign, which Lay’s capitalised on. 



  • Vodacom’s “100Gigs Hookup” Campaign


With a Facebook audience of over 1.2 million, Vodacom is one of the leading mobile service providers of Africa. Their “100Gigs Hookup” campaign saw the company give 100 gigabytes of data to 10 lucky winners every day, which was valid for 30 days. 


There were two ways of entering the competition: customers could claim one free entry per day via the Vodacom app, or receive 20 entries for every bundle they purchased via the app. You see them live up to their brand promise of “power to you” by democratising Internet access and attempting to bridge digital divides in areas they provide service. 

Image Source: Do Digital Academy



  • Sol Beer “My Sunshine in a Bottle” Campaign


Originally a Mexican beer company, Sol Beer’s “My Sunshine in a Bottle” campaign implemented what they called real-time elements, which meant all their content was up-to-date and not even months old. The campaign took the most popular posts from 60 social influencers in South Africa and put them up on digital billboards across cities. 

Image Source:


The campaign encouraged not only influencers, but also locals to post what their idea of freedom in the sun is, and made use of influencers’ wide reach as well as locals’ interaction to add real value to their campaign. 



  • Jeep’s #UnleashRenegade Campaign


When we think of Jeep, it is: adventurous, unconventional. 


Jeep’s #UnleashRenegade campaign was a four-week teaser leading up to the release of their new model, which saw massive returns on the marketing side. By partnering up with a radio channel known for being unconventional and out-of-the-box (Cliff Central), Jeep encouraged people to prove themselves “tough enough” to drive the new Jeep Renegade. Filmed and posted online, this campaign drew massive social engagement, conversation, and traffic to their additional micro-site featuring clues around the competition. 

Image Source: Meltwater


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