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Africa’s Most Innovative Websites In 2020

As we continue to develop as a continent even amid a worldwide pandemic, e-commerce in Africa is growing quickly as more and more countries move towards higher levels of growth and technological advancement. 


With an expected 20 million e-commerce users by 2021, Africa could soon become one of the world’s largest entertainment and media consumers, with its young population and upcoming markets. When it comes to African e-commerce, some of the biggest economies are currently dominating: Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. 


Discovering Africa’s hidden gems is what we do, and our digital marketing agency is constantly on the lookout to bring the best of Africa and its culture to you. In this post, we look at some of the 2020’s most innovative websites out of Africa. 



  • Jumia 


Africa’s online marketplace for electronics, fashion, logistics, etc. was founded in Nigeria in 2012.  Jumia has different websites for each country it operates in, allowing customers to choose out of options made specifically for their region. It is also responsible for the upskilling and employment of many qualified Africans in the areas of engineering, web development, IT, and more. 

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Image Source: TechCabal


  • Mall for Africa 


Operating out of 17 countries, Mall for Africa is Africa’s global e-commerce pathway. It provides customers with a platform through which they can directly purchase items from international retailers, and have now restarted normal service and are shipping daily. 

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Image Source: Nairaland


  • BBC Africa Business Report 


We can argue this is one of the oldest international media services in Africa. The website is always updated with the latest interesting video clips that focus on current and upcoming business issues and developments in the continent. BBC Africa Business Report looks at the latest technology, business, and consumer trends. 



  • McKinsey Insights & Publications 


One of the world’s most renowned consulting firms, McKinsey & Company has an Insights & Publications section for Africa and the Middle East that provides research insights, expert advice, commentaries, and more for entrepreneurs and business leaders looking for information to make policies, business, and investments. 

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Image Source: Poets&Quants 


  • All Africa 


A popular indigenous website in both English and French, All Africa collects, produces, and distributes information and daily business news from 130+ organisations – thus acting almost as a voice of Africa. Besides their business section, All Africa also provides political and sports news. 


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  • Konga 


Called the “Amazon of Africa”, Konga links customers to third parties and suppliers, as well as providing a clean distribution of activity. Following its introduction of KongaPay in 2015 when it partnered with Nigerian banks, Konga thus created a way to pay online and gain a sense of trust while doing online bank transactions in people. 

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Image Source: YourStory


  • FarmBiz Africa


This very impressive website focuses on exploring the great success stories and business opportunities in the African agribusiness space. It has received several awards and showcases current affairs and releases than can help African agricultural entrepreneurs find information. 


A lot of businesses are doing an amazing job of putting Africa’s potential on the world map with their websites, and yours can be one of them. Digital Odyssey can help you stay on top of trends to effectively navigate the complex waters of the internet. Our marketing agency can help you with further ideas on how to design world-class websites, seamless user journeys, and digital marketing campaigns.


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