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Chatbots and the Future of Messaging Platforms


The online marketing landscape continues to evolve, giving way for new methods of marketing to be utilised (i.e. Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation (SEM and SEO), social media marketing, mobile marketing, etc). This has significantly shifted consumer behaviour from just social networks to messaging platforms such as Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Whatsapp, Slack, etc. As brands experiment with numerous possibilities to engage with customers across the user experience cycle, chatbots have emerged as a fascinating consequence of technology. There is evidence in fact, that the growth of the four largest messaging apps exceeds that of the four largest social networks.



The immense opportunity available to marketers to further advance their digital marketing campaigns and connect better with a greater pool of potential and existing audiences by utilising chatbots, is worth looking at.


What are Chatbots?


Chatbots are basically computer programs designed to stimulate human discussions utilising a lightweight messaging application (user interface), language-based principles, or artificial intelligence. While providing a virtual talking partner, these programs create discussion by means of sound-related or printed techniques. Major chatbots being used today are content-based programs that individuals can draw in with on different messaging platforms, like Facebook. Initially, only software developers could create chatbots. However, in the last few years, visual drag-and-drop chatbot building platforms have made it possible for all kinds of marketers and communications experts to create and use chatbots. Hence, making it easy for anyone to send messages at a massive scale through mobile chat app.


Chatbots are having an effect over each industry and operational space — inventory and supply chain management to optimizing manufacturing operations. However, their greatest effect has been felt in the customer service industry, which has been completely transformed by chatbots being introduced. Through constant accessibility and very advanced human-like discussions, they have moved past the stilted Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) days to significantly improve the performance of businesses. Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook, David Marcus, confirmed (at the annual conference for developers making products for Facebook platforms) that in excess of 2 billion messages were traded among organizations and clients through the 100,000 bots on messenger! At this point, we highlight some significant reasons why chatbots will be the foundation of future customer service.


Amplifying Interactivity


Chatbots have moved far from the times of stilted, paired discussions to understanding not just an expressed or composed word, but analyse the context in which it is used. The upgrades in Natural Language Processing innovation has empowered bots to have practically human-like discussions. They can even be allocated a character that fits with the need of the brand while advancing the client experience. From funny memes to pun-filled answers, numerous organisations are giving their chatbots an extraordinary voice that appeals to clients and reinforces relationships.


Bots Are Where the Customers Are


The modern customer is everywhere. With the usage of different messaging apps/websites by customers (like Facebook Messenger, emails, social media chat forums,etc.), advertisers should be available on various platforms so as to offer an exhaustive intuitive experience. Chatbots can give a consistent commitment experience across multiple platforms to enable advertisers to prepare micro-targeted offerings. As a result, clients can even make an order for a product or service over chat through various messaging platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Help Humans Handle Complex Queries


By performing tedious, repetitive and simple jobs consistently and successfully, chatbots guarantee an organisation moves toward becoming fatigue-free. They additionally free up human specialists and experts to concentrate on progressively complex assignments that require their inventive and investigative capacities. Additionally, the speed with which chatbots can finish errands and play out numerous activities enables a venture to improve their general productivity complex. Bots through their calculation based commitment component can offer a customised commitment experience to a client, recollecting details from past discussions on every platform while taking care of a gigantic volume of discussions at the same time.


As per an ongoing report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the worldwide chatbot market is projected to surpass $1.34 billion in value by 2024. With improved innovation, nuanced correspondence and more prominent unwavering quality of enterprises, chatbots will enable organisations to accomplish a perfect man-machine work proportion that supplements each other’s efforts while accomplishing organisational objectives. Assessing its current positive impact on customer service experience shows that it is a genuine solution that ensures more grounded customer relationships.


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