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The 5 Digital Marketing Trends in Africa You Need To Know

Africa is rising and booming economically and as such, every now and then, businesses are being created across different countries on the continent. In this age and time, companies would definitely want an online presence that can help boost their profits. To this end, highlighted below is our list of top 5 digital marketing trends to look out for in Africa this year.


Social Media Marketing


Seemingly the most prominent and incredible of all marketing trends in Africa. Facebook, for instance, has some 2.4 billion clients around the world. 159 million of these are Africans and 98% of that number are connected to the internet via mobile. Thus, opening a Facebook Business page bodes well for your business, and it very well may be done for free. Also, other mainstream platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn are also valuable for social media marketing.


Content Marketing


A type of marketing which continues to gain prominence on the continent. It includes the creation and sharing of online material, like blog posts, videos, and pictures that do not expressly advance a brand but rather is planned to animate enthusiasm for a particular product. Today in Africa, content marketing can be best impactful through interactive contents, visual marketing on social media, and paid adverts online.


Mobile Applications/Apps


Organizations are utilizing applications to improve their procedures and increase the level of accessibility of their clients to them. The purpose of a portable application is to consistently associate and connect with clients, making it a profitable apparatus for the cutting edge business. Applications diminish expenses of SMS messages and paper bulletins. Moreover, you can utilize them to send the most recent reports on items and administrations.


Email Marketing


With more people on the continent having their own personal email account which is readily available through the likes of Gmail and Outlook, a business having a compelling email advertising procedure is a vital instrument for the business’ image as it enables the business to connect more with its clients. Building real connections is key for increasing sales and attracting customers. There are several ways a personalised message can work for your brand. This begins by knowing the needs of your subscribers and sparking their interest by showcasing what you have to offer.


Short Messaging System (SMS)/Multimedia Messaging System (MMS)


Usually called SMS and MMS are two indispensable tools for digital marketing in Africa. SMS instant messages are anything but difficult to send and can be purchased from any mass informing supplier. In African nations, where internet expansion remains moderately low, SMS is perfect as it is fast and does not require an internet association. MMS, on the other hand, is a bit more complex. However, it is also very cost effective. With MMS, you can include videos, music clippings and pictures as well as text messages. Bulk MMS messaging is also available from vendors and is fairly inexpensive. Both SMS and MMS are part of digital marketing. Although simple, they are very effective in reaching remote parts of countries with low internet access.


When used right, digital marketing trends provide a host of opportunities to accelerate your business potential with a data-driven and actionable approach. The Digital Odyssey team can help you create a personalised online marketing campaign that effectively navigates the complex waters of the Internet. Our marketing agency can help you with further ideas of how to design world-class websites, seamless user journeys and digital marketing campaigns.


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