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Top Digital Marketing Trends In Zambia

Once upon a time, ideas like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO), and positive pester power were laughable.


In 2020, these digital marketing trends are a reality.


In this post, we emphasise on the country that houses the Mosi-oa-Tunya: Zambia.

Image Source: We Are Social – Zambia


With a population of 17.8 million people and 7.2 million Internet users, Zambia is well on its way to becoming a powerful competitor in the digital arena, just like its neighbour Zimbabwe, due to the former’s 40 percent Internet user growth.  

Image Source: We Are Social – Annual Digital Growth


This – and last year – showed some digital marketing trends that are helping businesses increase their output and profit exponentially in Africa’s fast-growing economies.



  • Capturing The Right Attention


Knowing how to capture the attention of your target demographic isn’t easy, especially since people now have eight-second attention spans. Developing the ability to grab (and keep) your audience’s attention helps businesses compete without having to spend a lot on advertising and online marketing.



  •  Relevancy Wins (Online) Wars


It isn’t just about lead generation anymore. If businesses are looking to gain, knowing how to build and create a higher sense of intimacy between a client and brand, as well as more relevance to the leads one does have, will do it. Providing the right solution at the right time goes a long way in maintaining customer satisfaction and experience (CX).



  • One Is Not Enough


A digital marketer must be a jack of all trades. Understanding – and dominating – more than one social media platform means knowing that your Instagram followers aren’t your Facebook followers, and repurposing content to best suit your target audience will help your brand come across as thoughtful and relevant.  


Zambian digital marketing has a massive scope to work with this year’s digital marketing trends due to its substantial number of active Internet users (41 percent of the population), and 39 percent of the population using Internet on mobile.

Image Source: We Are Social – Internet Use: Device Perspective


As mentioned above, it’s important to know how to work with different social media platforms in equal measure. Zambia has 2.2 million active social media users (12 percent of the population) out of with 2.1 million of them do so via their mobile phones.

Image Source: We Are Social – Social Media Overview

Image Source: We Are Social – Social Media Advertising Audiences


In mobile phone usage and connectivity, Zambia appears to be making great strides, and will continue to do so well into the next year. With 14.8 million mobile connections (83 percent of the population), the chart below helps understand Zambia’s mobile infrastructure and openness to digital and scope for marketing.

Image Source: We Are Social – Mobile Connectivity Index


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