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How To Transition From Office-Work To Home-Office


Here’s the big question. 


How do people who work from home actually manage to get anything done?


There’s laundry to do, books on the bedside table to read, and the season finale to complete. During this period of uncertainty, when employees are being asked to work from home, it can be hard to transition from office-work to home-office.


But this is what our digital marketing agency can do, and has always done. With team members working remotely from Mauritius, Kenya and London, Digital Odyssey can help your business (and employees) adjust to working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Maintain A Commute. 


We tend to underestimate the importance of our commutes. It serves as a time to decompress from work for a lot of us, and physically disconnect from a workspace. But you can maintain a ritual that takes you away from your designated work area and avoid the guilt that might come from shutting down post-work hours. This includes taking a round around the house, playing with your dog, or taking a walk outdoors if you are able. 


Set Boundaries. 


We know we have to set boundaries with family who might not understand your home-office is as important as the office. But this also means boundaries with yourself, so you don’t end up working all day and feel exhausted too soon. 


Set expectations for your team. This includes things you expect them to get done through the day, or times you’ll be available online so they know when to contact you (and not to). 


Make sure to give yourself breaks; you don’t need to overwork just because your co-workers or employer can’t see you. 


Reality Checks. 


Remote work definitely has its perks, but try not to let that sidetrack you into thinking that you won’t be held accountable or that you won’t be expected to perform. Remote work does not equal a vacation, unfortunately, though we understand how remote work can seem like an ideal solution to all your workplace problems. 


“However, most first-time remote workers go through a phase where reality sets in and they realise, in some ways, its harder to work remotely.” – Brie Reynolds, Career Development Manager, FlexJobs 


But don’t worry, even seasoned remote workers have those phases too. Check out our tips on how to keep productivity high while working from home. 


Prepare To Communicate Remotely. 


As a business, employee self-sufficiency is the backbone of a strong remote work team. Keeping everyone in the loop about progress means sharing documents, emails and projects can help keep the team connected on what you’re working on (and accomplishing) throughout the day. 


Tools that offer real-time communication like Slack and other video conferencing/screen sharing software can help make the transition without losing out on face-to-face interactions. 


More than just communication tools: 


  • Management tools through cloud-based software can be your best friend to organise community access to files and project resources. A great suggestion is Basecamp
  • Security tools means employees are working off of public and private Wi-Fi networks. If they’re working with sensitive information, we suggest using cloud-based information storage platforms like Box



Ask Employees For Feedback (through the process). 


How do you ask employees about how they’re coping with the changes? 


By asking them. 


Give them opportunities to share their opinions and requirements, even anonymously. This can be issues from being unable to attend meetings due to time zone differences, poor Internet connectivity, etc. 


Does your company culture support remote employees? 


It isn’t a small feat to transition to home-offices, and should be recognised as a progressive move toward a more inclusive company culture and growing digitally. Managers and team leaders need to stay on top of the transition by leading by example, and Digital Odyssey can help you stay on top of trends to effectively navigate the complex waters of the internet. Our marketing agency can help you with further ideas on how to design world-class websites, seamless user journeys and digital marketing campaigns.


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