Digital Odyssey Blog: Kenyan influencers 2019 roundup.

Kenyan Influencers – 2019 Roundup


Influencer marketing is a remarkable mode of brand promotion that marketers consider as part of their marketing campaigns and has become popular in recent years. It is a type of marketing where influential individuals act as brand ambassadors for specific organisations whilst recommending the organisation’s products to potential customers. Brands sometimes tailor and carry out their marketing activities around these influencers to increase sales and boost profit. Inasmuch as influencer marketing has its ups and downs with some influencers standing the test of time and others disappearing into thin air in the last few years, statistics show that it is a business with a structure and framework that works. 49% of consumers say they depend on influencer recommendations to decide which product to purchase and influencer marketing campaigns earn $6.50 on average for every dollar spent.


Influencer marketing done online is carried out by social media influencers who are known as people that have set up credibility and reliability in a specific field, industry or market through their social media channels. An influencer deserving at least moderate respect and attention has an online following huge enough to help new and established organisations push products. They also have impact marketing dynamics, they help establish brands and above all, they act as brand ambassadors for different products or services.


Social media influencers of Kenyan origin have grown significantly in numbers in the last few years. The role they play as well as the influence they exert on online users cannot be overestimated. Any product or brand they endorse usually becomes a trend, driving sales. Today, we feature 10 social media influencers (in no particular order) that have prominence in the digital world and command a huge fan following. 


Note: Follower counts are as of July 2019.


Lupita Nyong’o



Instagram followers: 7.9 million


Lupita Nyong’o is arguably Kenya’s foremost actress who became very popular after she after Lupita Nyongo pulled out one of the best performances in Hollywood for her debut movie 12 Years a Slave. There was no doubt about her acting skills and ever since then, the actress has gained almost 8 million followers on Instagram from all over the globe. She is a big inspiration for millions of young men and women across the globe. Nyongo’s debut book, Sulwe, a powerful, moving picture book about colorism and self-esteem, is expected to be launched in October of this year.


Eric Omondi



Instagram Followers: 2 million


Omondi is a hilarious rib-cracker and one of Kenya’s foremost comedians who became popular after he was cast to the Churchill Live show. Since then, he has since won Kenyan’s hearts with his funny live shows and parodies The majority of his content is information about his life, opinions on occasional trending topics and inspirational posts. 


Huddah Monroe



Instagram Followers: 1.7 million


Huddah started her career as a model, yet she has now outperformed that status to happen to be one of the most well-known socialites in the nation. Huddah has an Instagram sponsorship of over 1.2 million fans. The vast majority of her posts are either persuasive, provocative, or about her cosmetics line, Huddah Cosmetics, as well as endorsement deals from organizations like Slim Tea and Techno.





Instagram Followers: 1.3 million


Size 8 stunned many individuals in the common world after her conversion to Christianity a couple of years ago. Now a proud mum, brand ambassador, Christian, and outspoken singer has about 1.3m followers on Instagram. She utilizes her effort to advance peace, release new songs, and act as brand ambassadors for several brands.


Vera Sidika



Instagram followers: 1.3 million


Vera Sidika is a Kenyan model, TV personality, entrepreneur, video vixen and socialite. Sidika became popular when she appeared in P-Unit’s single, “You Guy”, released in 2012. Sidika came from a humble background and worked hard to be where she is which makes her a role model to many young girls who want to become successful just like her. In 2012, she began appearing in the reality television series Nairobi Diaries along with other Kenyan socialites. She has also been voted as one of Africa’s and East Africa’s top video vixens.


Blessed Njugush



Instagram followers: 1.1 million


Njugush made his debut into comedy while acting on the local television show: Real Housewives of Kawangware. Ever since then, he has become one of the fastest rising comedians as well as Digital brand influencers in Kenya. His ability to create impressive content has grown a niche audience that consumes his content through his social media channels. He has previously appeared in adverts and acted as a brand ambassador for companies like Safaricom. In 2018, Njugush was listed among the most influential men in Kenya


Sharon Mundia



Instagram Followers: 315k


Sharon Mundia is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who came to the limelight in 2013 during her university days after starting her blog as a hobby. She soon ventured into vlogging where she posts to her 315k followers about her travel adventures and fashion. Arguably one of Nairobi’s most popular influencers, Sharon Mundia does not only travel the world capturing stunning content in exotic places like Turkey and Mauritius, but she’s also a lifestyle show host on Kenya’s NTV. Earlier this year, she was named among 10 bad-ass African influencers that need to be followed by American magazine Essence


Patricia Kihoro



Instagram Followers: 164k


She depicts herself as a Kenyan based artist, entertainer, and radio character who loves coffee, bacon, Kitenge fabric and laughter. She is additionally a social media influencer with a presence on Instagram with a following of 164k followers, 24k subscribers on YouTube, and 108k followers on Twitter. She is outstanding for her agreeable, easy-to-follow makeup tutorials while having fun at it.


Elodie Zone



Instagram Followers: 125k


Elodie Zone is a YouTuber and Vlogger who frequently posts videos about her life, travels, and opinions about different issues she is passionate about. The young social media influencer has made it big online garnering around 12k subscribers on her Youtube platform and 125k followers on Instagram. She is ranked in the list of most popular celebrities on Celebs Trend Now.


Nancie Mwai



Digital Odyssey Blog. Digital Marketing and Webdesign Agency in Africa and Europe

Instagram Followers: 93k


Nancie’s adoration for style started as a young lady with her fantasy to turn into a professional fashion designer. Nancie, who portrays herself as a fashion and beauty vlogger, keeps on sharing the story of her life and passion for content creation through her online channels, which involves a YouTube channel with 43k subscribers and about 93k Instagram followers. Her impeccable foundation application tips and looks transformation are an incredible sight.


The list above is just a snippet of Kenyan social media influencers that have a huge following online which adds to the credibility of their ability to help promote your brand. These individuals have the power to drive business growth and sales by their sheer popularity. From beauty and cosmetic products to music and food, there are influencers who are able to work with you directly in promoting your brand which can eventually impact sales and increase profit.


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