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Most Visited Websites In Kenya


Kenya is regarded as an African powerhouse in internet and tech. The current internet penetration in the country is over 80% and the country is known to have pioneered mobile payments on the continent through M-Pesa and most recently, other apps like Lipisha and Dumapay. These stats show that the immense potential for internet and tech in Kenya. As a result, companies have keyed into this potential which has allowed most companies to own websites where they can showcase their products. It also helps them market their business online and also adds to the credibility and reliability of the products or services you they offer. It also allows people to access well-detailed information about what companies or businesses can offer them without having to come to their physical address. This post will highlight the five most visited websites in Kenya.


Standard Media




Pros: Well formatted content, easy to navigate and mobile friendly website.

Average monthly views: 3.12 Million


Standard Media by The Standard Group Plc is currently the most visited website in Kenya. The Standard Group Plc is a multi-media association with investments in media platforms such as newspaper, TV, radio broadcast, online services, and also outdoor advertising. The Standard Group is perceived as a main multi-media house in Kenya with a key impact in issues of national and universal interest.






Pros: User-friendly and easy to navigate website.

Average monthly views: 4.75 Million


Jumia is regarded as Kenya’s number one online destination for the widest range of products and services. It was founded in 2012 on the premise and strong belief that internet can improve people’s lives by helping them overcome the challenges they face every day in terms of limited product choices, little information about products, expensive products, and poor infrastructural facilities. The presence of Jumia in Kenya has not just given people a wide range of goods to choose from, but it has allowed them to save time, energy and money whilst carrying out their purchases.


TUKO Media




Pros: Fast load time and well-planned information architecture on the website.

Average Monthly Views: 2.74 Million


TUKO Media is a Kenyan news and excitement site that highlights exclusive and user-generated news content. Established in 2015, Tuko Media is a backup of the Genesis Group of Companies. In January 2017 it turned into the main news almost two years in the wake of being set up. The site features a selection of “trending local news, viral content, gossip and entertainment” with which it attracts a number of readers across the country who do not want to access traditional news outlets.






Pros: Mobile-friendly and well-planned information architecture on the website.

Average monthly views: 2.41 Million


SportPesa is referred to as Africa’s No.1 online Sports gaming platform. They provide hundreds of games daily for playing, to increase one’s passion for sports and at the same time ensure that players are rewarded. Participants can play via SMS by sending their predictions to 79079; or online at People visiting from Kenya account for 92.2% of visitors. Besides Kenya, other visitors come from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and Mauritius. These visitors look at an average of 2.42 pages and spend approximately 9 minutes and 3 seconds on every day.


Brighter Monday




Pros: Fast load time, User-friendly and easy to navigate website.

Average Monthly Views: 1.2 Million


Founded in 2006, Brighter Monday’s website is generally referred to as one of the most reliable job websites in Kenya. They pride themselves as East Africa’s number one job website. The website gives the opportunity for employers to advertise job vacancies so that those who meet the qualifications and are interested in it can apply. Hence, very valuable for young people who want to know about the latest job vacancies within the country.


The fact that the above websites are ranked as the most visited website in the East African country of Kenya shows that it is important for your business to have a good, functioning and appealing website in today’s world. Contact us today to learn how we can help you build a quality website for you that will leave users dreaming of returning again.


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