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Top Digital Marketing Trends In Egypt 2020


From polished influencers to hyper-personalisation, marketers tend to get swept up by the tides of new trends. And 2020 with its symmetrical numerology has attracted more than its fair share of futurist musings. 


This is why, to help you separate fact from fiction, we’ve compiled the upcoming trends in the country that housed one of ancient Middle East’s principal civilisations: Egypt.


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With a population of 101 million people, Egypt has a 54 percent penetration of Internet users, up from 49 percent in 2019. This includes 42 million active social media users (compared to 38 million in 2019). The growth of social media in 2020 is anticipated to be sharp, and digital marketers should respond accordingly. 


Image Source: We Are Social – Digital Growth Indicators 


Image Source: We Are Social – Overview of Internet Use 


This year, we anticipate the dominance of Instagram, even among older demographics. With product discovery set to become more visual, Instagram will evolve quickly to become the home center for brands and advertising. This means making websites and apps mobile-friendly, because 99 percent of Egyptians access social media via mobile.


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In addition, the most used platforms are Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp. As marketers, we must learn to adapt to changing environments constantly, such as Whatsapp marketing and Facebook Apps


Image Source: We Are Social – Most-Used Social Media Platforms


The charts below are helpful to understand where your business can penetrate into the Egyptian market using what devices and content – primarily television + social media through videos, music streaming services, and vlogs. 


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Image Source: We Are Social – Daily Time Spent With Media 


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But the most important thing for digital marketers to know is how well their target demographic will adopt digital innovations. This helps not only in planning ahead but also whether a region is ready to accept new forms of advertising and innovation. 


Image Source: We Are Social – Adoption of Digital Innovations


The rapid growth of smart speakers and voice search presents great opportunities for various industries – from music to banking to healthcare. Not only this, but voice search and watching TV via streaming services helps consumers who have lower levels of reading literacy. This makes this key technology for the next billion or so consumers about to come online for the first time. 

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