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Top Digital Marketing Trends In Mauritius 2020

The archipelago of the Indian Ocean that houses some of the most beautiful rainforests, mountains and the flying fox, in this post we discuss our next destination for digital marketing in 2020: the Republic of Mauritius. 

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With 820 thousand Internet users in a population of 1.2 million people, Mauritius in the beginning of the new decade can have high expectations for the evolution and acceptance of digital technology, and its harnessing by marketers. These changes can inspire innovation and creativity in response to new customer behaviours.


With 0.65 million more mobile subscriptions than the population, this number is set to rise by approximately 58 thousand  (+3.1 percent). In addition, the number of Internet users will rise by 16 thousand (+2 percent), and active social media users by 30 thousand (or +3.8 percent). 

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With an overall literacy rate (aged 15 and above) of 93 percent, digital marketers in Mauritius have a good chance of getting their marketing out to a widespread audience, as 65 percent of the total population uses the Internet, and 61 percent of those on their mobile. 


These statistics light up a path for marketers to move toward mobile marketing, especially with the rise of trends such as the vertical mobile video and experience disruptors who know the value of customer experience. 

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As with the move to mobile marketing, another indication for marketers to focus on this medium is the number of active social media users. Mauritius has 820 thousand users and 770 thousand of them using social media on mobile – 83 percent of digital marketers say that social media is one of the top-performing channels of 2019, and will continue to be so in 2020 and beyond. 


With data analytics and AI (artificial intelligence) set to trend in this decade, we believe that since it has held the lead for advertising audiences at 780 thousand, using Facebook in a smart way can take you far in your quest for increasing your marketing outreach.

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