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Top Digital Marketing Trends In South Africa 2019


Home to the paleoanthropological Cradle of Humankind, South Africa is emerging in terms of progressive growth in the digital landscape. As South African business owners and digital marketers, the sweeping revolution and desire to innovate makes it an exciting time to be involved in business and entrepreneurial enterprise.  


However, it’s important to remember: we’re South African.


What does this emphasis mean? That while we’re looking at international practices as our source of inspiration, they might not always be relevant to our audience due to differences in levels of innovation. South African digital marketing in 2019 (and ahead) is a sticky situation, with potential long-term business consequences.   


Digital Odyssey Blog. Top Digital Marketing Trends In South Africa 2019.

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South Africa as an emerging economy is slowly but steadily pushing into the digital landscape. While not as far along as Western nations, there’s no doubt that we’re on the same track. As shown below, South Africa has 31 million Internet users, and 23 million active social media users. These are huge numbers. The rise of content streaming is already here with faster speed and more affordability. 


Digital Odyssey Blog. Top Digital Marketing Trends In South Africa 2019.

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It won’t be long before the percentage of people streaming content = the percentage of users watching online videos. This visual imagery resonates with the audience best, and helps people process and retain information better


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Average daily time spent with media 


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Percentage of Internet users who stream different content 


Digital marketing in South Africa in 2019 (and ahead) will see a jump in Internet speeds, which results in: 


  • Increase Of Voice Searches – Voice search for Google means marketers need to understand the natural search queries to gain recognition as a top result, and paying attention to SEO and long-tail keywords. Check out our article on the future of voice search and speakers here.
  • Customised VR/AR Glasses – To connect directly with consumers and give them their own understanding of reality, companies will introduce branded AR/VR glasses and provide a new marketing avenue to change the tech landscape.
  • Video Content And Advertising – HD videos will see a sharp rise due to the speed of the Internet. By generating high-quality video content and advertisements, South African marketers can create a vested interest in social media platforms. 


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Social Media Overview: monthly active users on these platforms   


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Social Media Behaviours 


Similarly, the South African eCommerce market’s percentages for 2019 show that 88 percent of people search online for a product/service and 92 percent visit online retail stores (on the web via any device). This means that having a strong website with the right SEO and marketing campaigns can help your business soar with organic traffic – as long as you market it right. 


Image Source: We Are Social

E-Commerce Activities: Percentage of users who performed these in the month of January 


Digital Odyssey Blog. Top Digital Marketing Trends In South Africa 2019. Connected Money.

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Understanding Internet users’ online financial activities 


When we’re talking about growing with (and not getting ahead of) our audience, the best approach is to personalize your marketing strategy to assist them on their journey. Digital Odyssey can help you stay on top of trends to effectively navigate the complex waters of the internet. Our marketing agency can help you with further ideas on how to design world-class websites, seamless user journeys, and digital marketing campaigns.




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