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Top Digital Marketing Trends in Kenya For 2019

Last week, we looked at the leading trends of Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy. Today we move to Eastern Africa’s powerhouse – Kenya. With 86% of its population having access to the internet and 56% accessing the world wide web via mobile phones, Kenya is a solid leader in digitization. The country is pioneering in mobile banking via Mpesa and other telecommunication and payment networks. The same can be said for digital marketing as Kenya is seen as a gateway in to East Africa when it comes to new marketing methods. 


If you’re looking to enter your business in the Kenyan market, scale up your online presence, or enhance your digital strategies to drive sales as a new or established brand in the country, look no further than these top digital marketing trends we’ve identified for 2019.


                                                Digital in Kenya. Source: We Are Social.

                         Annual Digital Growth in Kenya. Source: We Are Social.

               Population & Economic Indicators for Kenya. Source: We Are Social.



Live Video Streaming


Video consumption in Kenya on the rise, with YouTube ranking as the popular video-sharing platform. However, with the rise of Instagram Stories and TikTok, and other third-party video creating and sharing apps the power balance has tipped into the hands of the consumer. Live video for events, by influential figures is predicted to see a much higher consumption in 2019. In consequence, we will see the most effective marketing campaigns by brands that incorporate audio-visual elements in all their digital efforts – from video to still photo to GIFs and vector graphics. 

                     Frequency of Watching Online Video in Kenya. Source: We Are Social.

Influencer Marketing


Someone once said: Never underestimate the power of trust. In today’s world, that statement is truer than ever – especially online. In business, influencers are people who affect a sale but are typically removed from the actual purchase decision. Their reputation and in some cases, expertise, makes them trust-worthy to their follower base. The content put out by them is analogous to the traditional testimonial marketing, where they are either buyers of products and services or act as a third-party. With the proliferation of businesses employing influencers or engaging in sponsored content, it is important to note that while all influencers are built differently for each business sector. And despite consumers on social media exhibiting awareness of influencers and celebrities promoting for money, the trust seen on the African continent is much higher than in other regions. 


                                          Social Media Use in Kenya. Source: We Are Social.


While influencer marketing can be beneficial to large businesses, there is also an opportunity for smaller companies to utilise these individuals for their own brand reach and exposure. Smaller budgets can take advantage of digging deep to find “micro-influencers” – individuals within a niche with a tight-knit group of followers – who might be a closer match to the products and services being offered. Influencer marketing not only provides exposure for your brand but instills a sense of trust that the role of influencers brings.


Retargeting or Remarketing


As the name suggests, retargeting campaigns involve promoting your brand to potential customers who have already engaged with your product or service but did not convert or drive a sale. Simply put, it is a cookie-based technology that uses simple Javascript code to anonymously ‘follow’ your audience all over the web or on social channels. It is a powerful branding and conversion optimisation tool and works best as part of a larger digital strategy.


                                                     Internet Use in Kenya. Source: We Are Social.


                                       Frequency of Internet Use in Kenya. Source: We Are Social.

                        Internet Connections: Speed & Devices in Kenya. Source: We Are Social.


Automated Social Media Responses or Chatbots


Social media automation is used to automate or semi-automate the process of sharing posts and content on social media channels, along with engaging with your audience. Chatbots are automated text messages designed to start a dialogue with people who click on dialogue boxes on your website, Facebook Messenger, etc. What follows is a series of menus or keywords that guide customers to the next steps, saving time and eliminating frivolous requests that don’t lead to sales. They’re easy to set up, affordable (free in most cases with apps and plugins), and allow people to interact with your business to buy tickets for an event, get directions, see a menu, set up an appointment, or ask a common question.


                           Most Active Social Media Platforms in Kenya. Source: We Are Social.


                                                   Device Use in Kenya. Source: We Are Social.


The social and digital statistics for Kenya say it all. With a population that is receptive and passionate about its digital consumption, we are confident that capitalising on the 2019’s digital trends will help increase awareness about your business, draw buyers to your products and services, streamline customer relationships, and ignite your business.

Get in touch with our team to further explore these trends to increase your brand awareness, attract and convert potential customers and kick up your digital efforts a notch. 


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