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Top Digital Marketing Trends in Nigeria For 2019

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with over 190 million people living there. It is also the continent’s largest economy. This translates to the country providing a huge market-base which provides potential businesses with a unique opportunity to explore in their quest to reach more customers. 50% of Nigeria’s population use smartphones and over 80 million people in the country are active mobile internet users.

                        Key Digital Statistical Indicators in Nigeria. Source: We Are Social.

                            Annual Digital Growth Rate in Nigeria. Source: We Are Social.

                        Population and Economic Indicators in Nigeria. Source: We Are Social.

Here is a roundup of the top five digital marketing trends in the country for businesses and digital marketing agencies to be aware of in 2019.


Live Video Streaming


Live video streaming enables you to interface with your group of onlookers on a progressively personal level. They get the opportunity to see everything crude and collaborate with you directly. This is an opportunity for businesses to carry out a product launch, Question and Answer session, and address a client’s complaint that may have generated lots of attention from people. It is pivotal that businesses appropriately plan their content before going live so they are not disappointed and it is likewise significant they center around a platform where they have reliable quality. Most businesses may decide to not be on every platform except if such a business have teams that handle every platform for them. As a result, it is alright to champion one’s brand on a stage that suits the business and one that have most of the business’ customers.

   Frequency of Watching Online Video in Nigeria. Source: We Are Social.

Mobile Marketing


Essentially, mobile marketing is a part of digital marketing which we all know. Over 50% of Nigerian 190 million populace use smartphones. It has been found that smartphones are incredible companions of people and they invest more time on them through the usage of several mobile applications. As a result, the significance of mobile search, mobile optimization, mobile conversions, and mobile ubiquity cannot be exaggerated. Mobile phones and people’s aggregate dependence on them provide a medium for digital marketers to capitalise on for their marketing. This is an opportunity for you to further showcase your brand and reach out to customers wherever they are. Thus, why smartphones are considered to be a big innovation as far as digital marketing is concerned.

                          Frequency of Internet Usage in Nigeria. Source: We Are Social.

                                           Device Usage in Nigeria. Source: We Are Social.


Social Media Content Marketing


A lot of Nigerians are active on social media which has greatly influenced social networking and conversation. As a result, many Nigerian marketers are utilizing them to reach their potential buyers. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media networking websites, the internet penetration and the number of smartphone users in the largest country on the continent is currently rising by the day. Hence, since the numbers are good, we can confirm that social media marketing is the way forward to reach millions of Nigerians in the country.




                                        Internet Usage in Nigeria. Source: We Are Social.

                                    Social Media Usage in Nigeria. Source: We Are Social.




Employees are usually busy these days and at the same time, customers want to contact, chat or inquire about specific brands on the internet. Also, because there is no limit to time and location on the internet, it is important to invest in a chatbot. A chatbot is a set of computer programming that has the ability to simulate conversation with humans. Take for example, a client visits your website and wants to know something, they could click on a chatbot icon and have a conversation with an integrated machine designed to answer questions from clients. Current research shows that chatbot will hit 80% of businesses by the end of 2020 hence, it is that businesses start investing in it and not miss out on the trend.

                                 Share of Web Traffic in Nigeria. Source: We Are Social.


Influencer Marketing


This is a very common way to reach people in Nigeria and it is currently being utilised by several businesses. This is evident in the local contents that people consume daily on the internet. Influential marketing is gradually becoming the trending choice for marketers to sell their products online and penetrate the local market. Most of these influencers are avid social media users who are able to endorse your products, create awareness about it and help you increase sales. Hence, we employ you to research and follow people that have huge followers and are having an impact on specific social media websites and reach out to them to take your business to the next level.

               Time Spent With Media in Nigeria. Source: We Are Social.


The statistics around digital marketing in Nigeria are promising, with a population that is receptive and passionate about its digital consumption. As a result, we are confident that capitalising on the 2019’s digital trends will help increase awareness about your business, draw buyers to your products and services, streamline customer relationships, and ignite your business.


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