B2B Sales. What Works And What Doesn't? Digital Odyssey Bog.

B2B Sales. What Works And What Doesn’t?

It’s no secret that selling to B2B customers is difficult, and the process wrought with long decision-making cycles and many stakeholders. That’s why our digital marketing agency is here to help you create strategies to overcome today’s sales challenges in this post. ...

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How To Grow Your Business Using Digital. Digital Odyssey Blog.

How To Grow Your Business Using Digital

With the COVID-19 pandemic enforcing social distancing and remote working, it can be trying times for businesses. However, in today’s digital-centric world, there are many ways for you to continue growing your business from the safety of four walls, which is what this post is...

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What is a brand? Digital Odyssey Blog. Digital Marketing and web design agency in Kenya.

What is a Brand?

Despite being intangible, brands are tools that drive commercial value. When you think of any brand - Nike, Jumia, McDonald's-, it isn’t just the great burgers or sturdy shoes that come to mind, or the dramatised TV ads and minimalist storefronts. It isn’t something you...

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Paid Media Explained

Paid media is one of the many ways organisations can promote their content via multimedia (display ads, social media posts, paid search results, pop-ups). It will help you get more clicks, traffic and greater brand reach. ...

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Digital Odyssey blog: the science behind infographics.

The Science Behind Infographics

Almost 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing and it's no surprise that infographics help us process a wealth of information easily because they are more engaging, more accessible, more persuasive and easier to recall....

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Innovations Out Of Africa

As Africa Day's celebrations continue, we did a roundup of a few innovations that are either born out of Africa or launched on the continent to commemorate the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and potential....

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