9 Free Keyword Research Tools. Digital Odyssey Blog.

9 Free Keyword Research Tools

There’s a lot of work that goes into creating a website. From finding the right photos to ensuring visitors can easily access and understand the interface, websites are the window into your business and brand - which is why it only makes sense to use the...

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Why Copying Content Is A Bad Idea. Digital Odyssey Blog.

Why Copying Content Is A Bad Idea

Let's face it: we all love hacks. Whether it’s on a video game or trying to creatively open a jammed bottle cap, anything that can help us save time and work smarter is what we look for, especially in digital marketing and business. ...

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Paid Media Explained

Paid media is one of the many ways organisations can promote their content via multimedia (display ads, social media posts, paid search results, pop-ups). It will help you get more clicks, traffic and greater brand reach. ...

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