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Africa’s Most Innovative Websites In 2020

With an expected 20 million e-commerce users by 2021, Africa could soon become one of the world’s largest entertainment and media consumers, with its young population and upcoming markets. When it comes to African e-commerce, some of the biggest economies are currently dominating: Nigeria, South...

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How To Grow Your Business Using Digital. Digital Odyssey Blog.

How To Grow Your Business Using Digital

With the COVID-19 pandemic enforcing social distancing and remote working, it can be trying times for businesses. However, in today’s digital-centric world, there are many ways for you to continue growing your business from the safety of four walls, which is what this post is...

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Top Digital Marketing Trends In South Africa 2019. Digital Odyssey Blog.

Top Digital Marketing Trends In South Africa 2019

while we’re looking at international practices as our source of inspiration, they might not always be relevant to our audience due to differences in levels of innovation. South African digital marketing in 2019 (and ahead) is a sticky situation, with potential long-term business consequences. ...

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Widgets to Improve Website Performance

Website performance optimisation is a primary factor that dictates the success of modern online businesses. After all, most of us know the torture of waiting for slow webpages to load - which encourages frustrated visitors to look for faster-loading alternatives. ...

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Digital Odyssey blog: Most visited websites in Kenya 2019

Most Visited Websites In Kenya

Kenya is regarded as an African powerhouse in internet and tech. The current internet penetration in the country is over 80% and as a result, brands leverage the power of the internet to put their best foot forward on their websites. ...

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Facebook for Lead Generation

Facebook is a major Social Media platform that you should use for the success of your e-commerce business. Coming up with the right content and marketing strategy is the first step in making your business the next big thing in Africa and beyond...

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