A few clients, whose brands we’ve ignited.

What We Do Is Simple: We Connect Your Business With Your Best Customers Around the World

Take a look at these case studies to see how our superior design sense and seamless customer experience helped businesses measure their impact and realise a solid return on their digital marketing investments.
Case Study #1

Our marketing consultant directors helped the African Leadership University (know as ALU Education) to form and amplify it’s unified voice across Africa and the globe, whilst designing measurable and predictable automated marketing communication channels including website, integrated SEM, social media channels and CRM solutions for the business.


Brand development and adoption | Student and parent advocacy | Recruitment & revenue growth | Automated marketing comms. processes

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Digital Odyssey Website Design and Digital Marketing for ALU Education
Digital Odyssey - Website Design Agency
Case Study #2

This project for Oqtave Consulting has included the design and development of the client’s online identity and digital assets, in order to provide a solid and scalable base for future growth and marketing campaigns. The digital assets are designed to play an important role in generation of new business leads.



Establish brand online | Design lead generation platform | Measurable online performance

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Case Study #3

For Research Now SSI (Dynata) our marketing consultants developed a comprehensive 360 degree marketing strategy and user acquisition plan to accelerate growth of the market research panel across 24 countries.


Large lead generation mechanics | Sustainable growth in new client acquisition | Increase in engagement and active users

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Digital Odyssey - Website Design and Digital marketing